If you are looking for something eye-catching and extraordinary for your business marketing, you’ve just found it in drone photography and videos. Drone technology is taking off, no pun intended. Everyone is getting into the action.

Before drones became so popular, the only way to truly get quality videos was to hire a helicopter and a licensed pilot for your shoot. This all required proper permits, the FAA, and lots of slogging through red tape until you were allowed to fly.

Over time, radio-control enthusiasts mounted small cameras atop their UAS’s (Unmanned Aerial Systems) to capture views and landscapes never seen before. The result has been nothing less than phenomenal.

Just like VCR technology, at first drone technology was something very expensive. Only those well-placed could afford it. Now, it has become readily available to everyone.

Let’s take a look at five ways drone photography and videos can make a massive difference to your business and your marketing.

1. Price

Producing any type of video may not be the cheapest way to go, but your investment in drone photography will pay off exponentially for you over time. If you are looking for a strategy that might give you the best ROI you’ve ever seen – this is it. All of your shots can be captured on the same day, saving you vast amounts of money and time.

Take a look at the Huntington Beach By Air video. If you are looking to showcase a region or area, what better way to do this than with drone photography and videos. Images can be close up and personal, or they can give you the wide vistas that come with beautiful landscapes. You’re telling a story after all, so capture your community or region in pictures to help the telling.

2. Video Application

Drone technology is very popular with TV and film production, as well as newscasts and music videos. But there is so much more they can do. Industries including but not limited to real estate, property development, event coverage, tourism, and schools can all benefit from this newly arrived technological advance.

Drone technology can capture unique aerial shots for your business. Everything from landscapes and scenery right down to small details can be viewed in gorgeous new ways.

Take the Ojai Meditation Mount video. They are showcasing their beautiful locale and all that it offers to potential customers. By showing their fly-overs, you see for yourself the vision that called to the originators of this business. Every aspect is highlighted; from walking paths to floral abundance to sublime vistas.

3. Become More Memorable

Drone photography and videos will give you the ability to bring your business into a whole new light. You’ll see how easy it is to become attention-grabbing with stellar videos that tell your story.

Looking for ways to enhance brand awareness? Aerial videos may allow you to cut away everything else that isn’t working for you and grab those first impressions like no one else.

In the Toll Bros. Pacifica San Juan video, for instance, there is a need for people to get to know a community. What better way than to show them everything that is there and to do it in stunning new ways?

Drone technology makes it easy to capture it all for you; ocean views, premier schools, communities on the rise, world-class beaches, and impressive amenities. Visual elements sell products, services, and ideas today. There is no need for long drawn-out narratives. Videos give people what they are looking for fast.

4. Shots Captured By a Drone

Shooting with a drone has similarities to other kinds of video production, but it adds a very exciting element, too. The versatility you have with drone shots might soon make aerial videos your favorite way of marketing your business.

There are not only still shots, but you can use crane shots, including the pan shot, the pedestal shot, and the tracking shot. Then there are strafe shots and the orbit-by shot. There are many ways to capture the feel and content of your business.

In the video that features the Tustin Ranch Golf Course, you’ll want to call for tee-times immediately after seeing the beauty of this place. You too can achieve this effect through the use of drone photography and videos. The Tustin Ranch is shown off here in brand new ways and sophisticated-looking shots show you aspects of everything in unique, unforgettable ways. What could be better!

Through the use of drone technology, you can give your potential clients or customers a real taste of what you offer.

5. Creativity and Versatility Never Looked So Good

Because drones are so small and compact, they can help you showcase your business in ways never before possible. You get the most interesting angles with drone technology. Drones can fly just inches off the ground or take to the sky for spectacular aerial shots.

Have a business that starts inside and moves on out? With drone videos, you can do that, too, all in one take. They have the ability to fly around a room and then shoot out the window or door for best effect. If you want to grab |attention, think about aerial videography using a drone.

In the Orinda Wild video, which showcases new home communities in the Bay Area, nothing else would do for this breathtaking area, where there is something daring and dramatic around every corner. This is the kind of video you want to present to high-end buyers; people who are looking to settle into the newest luxury home community. You want to emphasize lots, and valley and mountain views, to show people where they could be living. Emphasizing ease of access as well as the beautiful downtown areas, drone technology says it all here.

Drone photography and videos are opening up new avenues for California marketers in a wide range of industries. Don’t be left behind. Keep your eye on these possibilities and think about how they can help attract and make a connection between you and new customers or clients.