Tourism will never be the same now that drone technology is taking center stage. These incredible, small devices are changing the way businesses in tourism advertise. Because tourism has always been one of the top businesses to adopt new technologies quickly, you can be on the cutting edge and transform your company.

Never before has there been the opportunity to produce aerial photographs and videos that are so affordable. This is the primary reason drone technology is having such an impact on the California hotel video production industry. Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider the use of drones for your tourism business.

Highlight Your Entire Property

Still photographs have been around awhile, followed by videos done from ground level. Now, with the use of drone technology, you can showcase all of your property from a bird’s eye view. Give your potential customers a view of what they will see upon arriving at your hotel. There is nothing that spells ‘success’ better than stunning people with the facts. Show off your amenities in an authentic way. Video drone technology can show your business up close and personal like nothing else.

Through the use of drone technology, you can showcase your hotel by integrating aerial and ground shots that let customers know just what you are all about. The Renaissance video, which features Indian Wells Resort & Spa, shows you how best to enhance your hotel. Everything is possible using new drone technologies. Go from close-ups to overhead shots, then do a zoom-in to a spectacular setting. Drones allow you to be flexible and creative.

Integrate and Combine Hotel and Resort Features for the Best Cinematic Effect

Want your hotel or resort to take on the power of a movie? Watch how drone technology can take care of that for you.

Every hotel has so much to offer: there are entrances, poolside areas, waterways, landscapes, beachsides, restaurants, cafes, cabins, hotel rooms, and every amenity just waiting to be noticed. The beauty of your resort, its features, natural surroundings, and everything it offers can be filmed by drones to give your business a movie trailer-type ambiance.

Did you know that the style and quality of filming are very similar to what is used in big-budget movies? Look at the Hilton Ocean Front video as an example. Want to make a great location even better? If you are on a special spot such as ocean-side or in the mountains, there is no better way to show off your property than through the birds-eye-view you get with drone technology.

The Carlsbad Oceanfront Resort & Spa couldn’t look any better than it does because of this new and innovative way to market. Images can be presented in startlingly fresh ways. Images never seen before can make your marketing gleam like new. Zoom in for extra intimacy or draw out to reach those rare, spectacular views.

Big Marketing Budgets or Small, Drone Technology Has You Covered

Niche businesses such as hotels are pulling in the reservations since they have changed over to drone technology for their marketing purposes. This is because of the affordable costs that drones, cameras, and accessories bring to any marketing budget. Just about any tourism business is ripe for drone picking, and the harvest is vast. Don’t be left behind.

In the Paradise Point San Diego Island Resort video, San Diego is exceptionally beautiful. Have you ever seen it like this before? Your hotel business can also be spotlighted just like this. Every aspect of this beautiful resort has been captured in stunning video images that show up every gorgeous reality of what this Island Resort has to offer. From luscious waterways to poolside attractions, from overhead images capturing accommodations and dining, to the beautiful marinas and beaches; it is all here in ways never seen before.

Build Traffic with Shareable Content

Influencer marketing is the practice of working with influencers who create content that promotes your brand online, primarily on social media platforms. What better way to drive engagement, reach and traffic from your favorite social media platforms than with stunning aerial footage. Influencer marketing works when it is authentic and people will see the authenticity of your business through no-holds-barred aerial photography.

In the Visit Carlsbad video, here is a wonderful aerial video of the city of Carlsbad, which can be used for any promotional purpose. Want to stress the playfulness of the place? Or perhaps you want to stress the natural beauty found off the backroads. Looking to emphasize how sleek and good-looking the downtown area is? All these desires are easily met with drone technology leading the way.

No more flyovers with a helicopter needed. Now, a landscape can be showcased through drone video technology like never before. Golf courses, hotels, scenic lakes, gorgeous places to stay, right down to the setting sun over the ocean, there is nothing you can’t capture. Drone technology helps you bring the beauty of your area and your business into people’s homes and businesses.

The use of drone technology is on the rise, while the costs are going down. Where once this type of endeavor would have required an expensive helicopter-based photo session, now it can be done and delivered to you in the most cost-effective ways of all. Drone technology is something you want to take advantage of right now, if you haven’t already.

Once you have those precious videos captured, you can showcase them anywhere. This kind of content creation can enhance your website and social media channels.

Having said that, this type of art production is best when handled by professionals who have the expertise to know just what will work for you and how best to bring your hotel to life using the available technology.

Marketers are proving the efficacy of drone photography and video every day. Get on board with the best marketing tool you can access.