The commercial real estate market has always been very competitive and occasionally struggles through difficult times. It can be a challenge to rent properties, and lease or sell commercial spaces. Now, with the use of drone technology, things are looking up. Literally.

In the sky, new aerial media is taking off. Due to the large numbers of remote workers, and stores, malls and other large spaces closing up shop, there are numerous commercial spaces just ripe for the picking. Your commercial real estate company needs to be the harvester. And you can do that with drone technology leading the way for you.

You need to do something to differentiate your listings from everyone else’s. Now is the time to take advantage of aerial media and photography. Through the use of drone technology, you will begin to showcase your listings to a public that is increasingly eager to see aerial photography and aerial videography.

Here are five great reasons as to why commercial brokers and agents should consider using aerial video and photos.

1.Attract Retailers with Aerial Media

Because drone technology has a way of showcasing not just the commercial property you are selling, but the entire area or community around it, this is the perfect way of showing everything that is there. From car traffic, to major highways, foot traffic and the entire demographics of the region, you can give interested, potential customers a great overview of what is on offer. Seen from a birds-eye-view 300 feet in the air, there isn’t anything that is hidden from view, making your business informative and open.

And take a look at the Realty video. Are you looking to tell the world who you are and all that you do? Pictures can tell your entire story. Drone technology tells your story in brand-new, fresh ways. Just look at those images, achieved through drone technology.

2.Use Vacant Mall Properties to Your Full Advantage

Many shopping malls are struggling. Many have shuttered large stores with more to come. We know that once that mall is vacant, it is still owned by a real estate company. Where once a shopping mall existed, something new and innovative needs to take its place. Companies vie for the ability to lease these spaces.

How do you show off a vacant mall in its best light? How do you capture the full potential of what you have here to future leasees? Full-color photos are a good start, but, to demonstrate the full potential of what this property can do for someone, why not show a video tour from 15 feet above visitors as they walk through. Capture both areas and moments that will intrigue interested buyers. Drone technology makes this kind of visual presentation a possibility.

3.Impress Customers in Every Way

Drone technology has proven itself in so many other venues. Don’t be left behind. The commercial real estate market demands it and this is one good way to see more clients satisfied. What your clients are looking for is that detail which is so important in each potential sale. Give them that and more through the use of aerial photos and video.

In the 1000 Wilshire video, the Wedbush Center at 1000 Wilshire is looking for someone to wants a Class A investment opportunity. What better way to showcase this amazing building than with drone technology?

Every aspect and amenity is highlighted here. Videos of old could never give you the same feel or achievement as drone technology can. Just look at the slow zoom-ins and drawbacks. They speak to viewers and inspire them to purchase.

4.Impress Others You Work With

If you’re the first one in your commercial real estate outfit to make good use of aerial footage, that’s a big plus for you. Potential clients watching drone technology videos are more likely to close the sale.

Be the broker who will make the extra effort to satisfy their clients. When you add something extra to the mix, such as drone technology, people notice. Those same people will come to you and refer other businesses to you for their commercial real estate needs.

In the Dreamworks Animation video, the LA area and surrounding communities are showcased. Studios are shown through large vista shots. Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Bros. and others are spotlighted and displayed from every angle.

The shots from the drones capture and convey the beauty and peacefulness on the grounds of these spaces where imagination and creativity have produced movie masterpieces. Drone technology has captured it all. And while it looks very impressive and requires great technical skill, the cost of achieving this kind of promotional content is well within reach of businesses that want to add to or revolutionize their marketing plans.

5.Make Construction and Growth a Big Part of the Picture

Commercial real estate is all about spaces. With drone technology, you have the perfect tool to augment those properties that have worked for you.

Give people a peek into construction as it moves along. Pique interest every few weeks with unique videos that capture progress as it’s being made. By giving potential customers and clients alike those sneak peaks, you’ll rev up interest.

Take a look at the Micropolitan video. Here you have the latest in apartment design, showcasing upscale preferences of today’s lifestyle renter. Drone technology was the perfect way to bring out the beauty of living in the Larchmont Village. Everything is here and visible with awesome fly-over shots. It’s not just the outdoor images that matter; indoor shots are important and effective, too.

Indoor or outdoors, drone technology can help you maximize creativity. It’s an affordable way to add glamor and attract and reach potential commercial real-estate customers in Los Angeles.