What It Means To Be A Legal Drone 107 Certified Pilot

First off it’s illegal to fly for commercial purposes without a 107 certification. Not only can the Drone Pilot get fined or even jailed for flying without a 107 Certification while conduction paid projects so can the business hiring the pilot. The reason the FAA has put these required certifications in place is to protect the public from reckless flyers who don’t understand or care about the rules and regulations of the Airspace. Some examples are flying to close to airports and airplanes. Flying over 400ft. Flying over moving vehicles. Flying over crowds of people. Flying at night. Flying over fires or emergency areas. The list goes on. In addition to making sure that all drone pilots contracted to fly for your business be 107 Certified it’s also critical that the pilot or drone company be insured as well. Once again an accident or damage caused by a company you sub contract that doesn’t carry insurance falls back onto the company contracting out the job.
When working with Digipulse you can put your mind at ease knowing that not only are all Digipulse drone operators FAA 107 Certified and insured they are some of the most experienced and Cinematically Advanced Pilots in the country. Check out our latest Aerial Videography Demo Reel to visually understand what I’m taking about.

Flying a drone is easy. Telling a captivating story in the air that provokes emotion takes skill and understanding of settings, lighting, angles, producing, etc. Digipulse has got you covered. It’s no wonder we’re trusted by some of the largest companies in the nation from California to New York.
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