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Digipulse is an Orange County based full service Video Production and Digital Animation Company. We’ve mastered the creative process of 2D, 3D, and Custom HD videography. Video production is our life and we're good with that. When you do something you love, life and business are no longer seen as separate parts of your day. We're a marketing company who just happens to use a camera and digital technology as tools to get your message out in front of the masses. If you're looking to produce a TV Commercial, Web Video, Corporate Video, and pretty much anything that involves telling stories through video production Digipulse has you covered.

The Team


Clive Tollman

Owner / Producer Growing up Clive always had a passion for the creative side of life. If he wasn’t asking questions about how it was possible that moving pictures were able to get onto a TV through a small cable he was drawing or building something or another. Video production was a natural progression to bringing his visions to life. Digipulse was born in 2005 out of this desire to communicate through todays growing medium of a digital world. The rest is History.

Lisa Thomas

VP Business Developement As the Vice President of Business Development, Lisa is passionate about helping companies tell their story in a meaningful and impactful way. In today’s increasingly digital world, she is more convinced than ever that video is the greatest tool a business can use to communicate their message so people will listen.

John Brugmann

Creative Director John brings years of experience as a video editor, motion graphics & title designer, sound mixer, and script writer. He’s a jack of all trades. As a creative director John is responsible for bringing it all together from infancy to final delivery. Pulling all nighters to get rush jobs delivered is not unusual. Just another one of the service attributes that separates Digipulse from the rest.

Alessandro Gentile

Director of Photography As a young boy, Alessandro Gentile fell in love with the Steven Spielberg’s films “Close Encounters” and “ET”. Little did Gentile know, these two films would inspire a life long passion for the cinema. Today, Gentile is a professional cinematographer influenced by the works of ASC Cinematographer Roger Deakins.

Touch Blevins

3D Generalist Upon completion of his Bachelors of Science degree in media arts and animation, at the Art Institute, Touch also became a multi-skilled Visual Effects artist, working with industry standard visual effects and 3D animation software. The skills he has accumulated over the years makes him a valuable asset to the Digipulse Team, and helps us to make your vision become a reality.

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