Our approach is informed by hundreds of successful projects over two decades.

It's all about Storytelling, and you know it! We've been telling powerful visual stories since 2006. We've learned a lot along the way. 

We know how to present your brand with impact. We know what works.



Pick up the phone

The first thing you want to do is pick up a phone and dial 949.233.0613. You’ll be blown away when someone actually answers the phone. It will probably be Clive, Digipulse owner and producer. He’ll probably answer the phone like this. “Digipulse this is Clive”. So now you’re already off to a good start and step one accomplished. Easy right? Cool. We’re all about simplifying the process.

Let’s chat about the project

What do you do, What’s your vision, who’s your target audience, have you seen any productions or have any samples you like that you could send over.

Pre-Production / Scripting


Give us a day or so to put together a detailed yet simple proposal and email it over to you.

Like what you see

If you like what you see we’ll put together a call or meeting to discuss the scope of the project in more detail and work on setting a date to come out and shoot.
We’ll also send over a contract for signature.


What to expect the day of the shoot

  • A complete team of experienced industry leaders will arrive 45 minutes to an hour prior to scheduled shoot to setup.
  • For interviews we recommend at least 1 hour for the interview process and 30 minutes between multiple interviews to change camera angles and mic up another subject.
  • Depending of the scope of work that includes a Producer, cinematographer, drone pilot, audio and lighting technician.
  • We’ll need a decent sized room so we can make sure we’re able to setup the cameras with some solid depth of field.
  • We’ll also want the quickest and darkest space available. That means as little outside noises, echos in the room from concrete floors, and tons of windows. We can always work around this stuff but the more control we have over the environment the better.
  • Multiple camera angles for interviews shot in 4K. There are several reasons why we shoot two camera angles and in 4k. Seamless editing, allows organic conversation to flow instead of stopping and having to start over, etc.
  • We’ll be setting up a pro lighting kit to really make you visually standout and look amazing. Lighting is critical and can make or break the professionalism of the interview.
  • We’ll be running multiple audio sources, boom mic and lav mic, for audio redundancy and premium quality. Audio is critical and can make or break the quality of the final production.
  • Do you best not to wear busy patterns as you can create a moire effect in the video. Dress the part but make sure you are relatable to your target market.

B-Roll Time!

  • Now we capture some cinematic B-Roll to complement what’s going to become the talking head assembly.
  • This will consist of several styles of shooting and equipment options such as gimbals for stabilized footage for when the camera operator is on the run, tripods for simple panning or framing of subject, drones for aerial perspectives and establishing shots, or just hand held for more of a documentary feel.
  • All our drone pilots are highly skilled FAA certified with state of the drones. Our drones are capable or capturing RAW footage in 4K, preprogrammed automated flight paths, and 3D tracking for dynamic cinematic shots.
    • Keep in mind that there are drone laws with certain altitude restrictions (typically 400ft) as well as restricted access to zones close to airports, sports venues, amusements parks, and other no fly zones. We’ll research this beforehand and reach out to our FAA contacts to see if we can get one-time exemptions to fly in restricted areas. It’s good to know peeps in the FAA and after years of building relationships we definitely have an in.


The Unseen Magic

  • Once we’ve captured everything that we need in order to tell a compelling and engaging story post production begins.
  • We typically deliver a first cut within 5-10 business days depending on the complexity of the production.
  • The 1st cut will be delivered via a private Vimeo review link.
  • You can use the link to digitally make notes or comments or just send over an email notating time codes and comments. Whatever’s easiest for you.
  • From there we move onto the 2nd draft, then 3rd, etc.
  • Once you approve the visuals we move on to adding in any graphics if needed. This includes lower 3rds, titles, or other motion graphic elements.

Final Delivery

  • Spot delivered via Dropbox as well as a private Vimeo link with download option. If you choose to download directly from the Vimeo link click the download button bottom right corner under the video and select original for the highest resolution.
  • You will have full ownership and usage rights of the final production. Digipulse will have the rights to share the production on various social media channels and website portfolio unless otherwise discussed.
    You can also use the link we sent you as a permanent link to embed on your website, emails, etc. Just let us know.
  • We’ll always save all your files including the working files on our large servers for future revisions or new spots.
  • We don’t hand over the RAW files unless agreed upon in the original contract. This will incur an additional charge for ownership of and delivery of all the assets.


We've got some very very happy customers.

We're pretty darned good at what we do, but you don't have to take our word for it. Read what some of our clients have to say about working with us.

Digipulse has produced dozens of videos for our high profile, multi-million dollar commercial real estate properties over the last few years. It’s very rare that a production company understands the needs of a CRE production. Digipulse Does.

Everlyn Choi
Marketing DirectorNewmark

Incredible results at a highly competitive rate. Clive flew his commercial drone for two days up here at Meditation Mount in Ojai, CA, and we are simply blown away by the epic, captivating footage. Clive is a genial professional with great ideas and a distinct ability to listen to his client and synthesize that knowledge for the best possible outcome. Unconditionally recommended.

Tyler Suchman
OwnerTribal Core

We’ve been working with Digipulse now for about 5 years. They handle all our internal and external corporate videos. No job is too big or too small for these guys. They make my job so much easier, and I can’t even express how grateful I am to be working with them.

David Bassett
Manager, Corporate CultureHyundai Capital America Human Resources

These guys are like super-spy ninjas with all the cool toys. The storytelling abilities are second to none. When they show up on set, these guys take over like nobody’s business. Team Digipulse know how to organically get everyone involved and comfortable in front of the camera.

Pedram Shojai
The Urban Monk - FounderWell.org & Urban Monk Productions

They take the time to understand the project, are open to collaboration and deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. I have found Digipulse to be sincere, nimble and reliable, and these are all traits I hold in high esteem with my vendors.

Eric Smissen
DirectorEngagement at Goodwill of Orange County

Digipulse is an amazing productions company that has a ton of knowledge in their industry! I had the opportunity to work with Digipulse on a few projects and not only did they create great videos, they also suggested great points in order to drive the story and overall video quality. I highly recommend Digipulse to any company, big or small!!

Ryan Corcino

Digipulse has been a longtime partner of Goodwill of Orange County and do phenomenal video work for us every time. Clive and his team take the time to understand our goals with every project and help us shape an impactful vision and final product. From 1-2 minute highlight videos to long-form animated videos and event footage, we have used Digipulse for a variety of video projects and have never been disappointed!

Nicole Morrison

Reliability and professionalism are non-negotiables for our company, and Digipulse exceeded our standards. From concept to delivery, their team demonstrated unwavering commitment and produced top-notch corporate videos that resonated with our target audience. A trustworthy partner for any project.

Nicole Morrison
Goodwill Orange County

The collaboration with Digipulse has been seamless and productive. They take the time to understand our brand, objectives, and audience, resulting in corporate videos that perfectly aligned with our vision. The end product is not just a video but a powerful tool that contributes to our business success. Kudos to the team!

Kristina Perrigoue
City of Irvine

Partnering with Digipulse revolutionized our commercial real estate presentations. Their skilled video production team brilliantly captured our property highlights, creating visually compelling content that resonates with potential buyers and investors. (Digipulse) stands out for its market-savvy approach, professionalism, and commitment to deadlines.

Keith Black

The team did a great job with our two videos! They took their time to get the right shots and the editing couldn’t have been better. We will use them again!

Birchstreet Systems

We have worked with Clive and his company since we founded our commercial real estate company over seven years ago and since then have worked with him dozens of times, all with outstanding results. We have recommended his services to friends and colleagues over the years and have received nothing but A+ feedback from them as well about Digipulse’s work.

Geoff DeWolf

I’ve worked with Digipulse for the past 3 years and it’s been a positive experience every time.

Alessandro Gentile

Clive and his team were amazing to work with. He instinctively knew what I needed. His production skills were spot on. If you need video Digipulse is the team for you.

Jason Schneider

While General Manager for World Trade Printing, I had contracted with Digipulse to shoot videos. The team Digipulse sent were incredibly good. They were efficient. But more than that. They suggested additional shots. These shots came out spectacular.

I highly recommend Digipulse and their great team.

John Gratian

Clive and Digipulse do some outstanding work! They’ve been pioneers in indoor drone cinematography and have literally opened the eyes of businesses everywhere on new ways to do things that used to cost 2-4x as much. Their outdoor work is great as well – just watch some of the videos… I highly recommend them from concept to post-edit production. Great team.

John Kirker

Hyundai Capital America has had a very long lasting and rewarding partnership with all our professional digital media efforts! Over the past few years we expanded to produce and create our Town Hall meetings streaming them virtually to over 900 employees with a hybrid approach with some of our team members in person. I never have any doubts or worries when I am partnering with this team! Professional photography and a talented team! The very very best!

Louise Smith

Working with Digipuilse was a game-changer for our brand. Their ability to tell a compelling story through video is unmatched. Our corporate message was delivered with precision, captivated our audience, and left a lasting impact. Exceptional work!

Louise Smith
Hyundai Capital America

We sought a video production partner that could elevate our brand creatively, and Digipulse delivered beyond our expectations. Their team’s creative brilliance brought a fresh perspective to our corporate videos, making our content stand out in a crowded market. Highly recommended!

John Robertson
Marvell Technologies

Clive & his team at Digipulse have always been great partners from concept to execution to delviery, top notch all the way.

Ocgoodwill Forms

These guys are the complete package from scripting, to animation, to sound effects and music. Their commitment to client service really stood out. Sasha Kupritz, Social Media Manager SA.

Sasha Kupritz

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