107 certification

An FAA certification required for commercial drone pilots in the United States. If your drone pilot is certified he/she is flying illegally and you are liable for accidents if he/she is contracted by you.


A high-definition video resolution of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels.

2 camera angles

The use of two different camera perspectives to capture a scene or event.

2D animation

A type of animation created using two-dimensional artistic techniques and characters.

3D animation

A form of animation that creates the illusion of depth and three-dimensional objects using computer-based techniques.

3D tracking

The process of digitally tracking and mapping the movements of objects or subjects in three-dimensional space.


An ultra-high-definition video resolution of approximately 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels. Industry standard which allows for sharper imagery and ability to crop.


The main camera used to capture footage.

Aerial videographer

A person who specializes in capturing videos and footage from an aerial perspective, often using drones or other flying devices.


The initial stage of editing where the raw footage is organized and arranged in sequential order.

Audio redundancy

Duplicating or backing up audio sources to ensure redundancy and avoid loss of audio during production.

Audio technician

A professional responsible for the setup, recording, and management of audio equipment and sound during production.

Automated flight paths

Pre-programmed flight paths or routes for drones or other aircraft that can be executed automatically.


A secondary camera used alongside the main camera to capture additional footage or angles.

Boom mic

A microphone mounted on a long pole or boom, used to capture audio from a distance or above a scene.

Brand video

A video that showcases and promotes a particular brand, highlighting its values, products, or services.


Extra or supplemental footage used in video production to help visually tell the story.

Call time

The designated time that individuals need to arrive, often used in the context of film or video production schedules.


Text displayed on screen that corresponds to the dialogue or captions for viewers who are hearing-impaired.


The person responsible for capturing the visual elements of a film or video, including camera work, lighting, and composition.


The art of capturing motion pictures, including camera work, lighting, and composition.

Close-up shot

A shot that focuses on a specific subject or object, capturing it in detail.

Color correction

The process of adjusting and enhancing the colors of a video to achieve a desired look or tone.

Color grading

The process of stylizing and enhancing the colors of a video to create a specific mood or atmosphere.

Depth of field

The range of distance in front of and behind a subject that appears in focus in a shot.

Digital assets

Digital files, including videos, images, audio, and more, used in video production or other digital projects.


The person in charge of overseeing and coordinating the artistic and creative aspects of a video production.

Distribution channels

The platforms or methods used to share and distribute a video, such as television, online streaming sites, or social media.


An acronym for Director of Photography, also referred to as the cinematographer, responsible for camera and lighting decisions.

Drone pilot

A person who operates drones for various purposes, including aerial videography and photography.

Dropbox Application

A cloud storage and file sharing application used to store and collaborate on digital files.

Embed link

A hyperlink or code that allows for the integration or embedding of a video into a website or other platform.

Event sizzle

A short and exciting video highlight reel of an event or occasion, designed to create excitement and capture attention.


The process of saving and converting a video file into a specific format or file type.

FAA authorization

Authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to use drones for commercial purposes.

FAA certified

Being certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to operate a drone or aircraft.

Full ownership and usage rights

Legal ownership and rights to use a video or other creative work without restrictions or limitations.


The person responsible for lighting setup and management on a film or video set.


A handheld camera stabilizer that keeps the camera balanced and steady during movement.

Golden hour

A period shortly after sunrise or before sunset, known for its soft and warm lighting conditions, often preferred for shooting outdoor scenes.


Visual elements, such as titles, logos, or illustrations, used to enhance or convey information in a video.

Ground videography

The practice of capturing videos from the ground-level perspective.

Lav mic

A small, portable microphone often attached to a person’s clothing, used to capture individual audio.

Lifestyle video

A video that captures and portrays a particular lifestyle, often showcasing products or services associated with it.

Lighting technician

A professional who is responsible for the setup, control, and management of lighting equipment on a film or video set.

Live action

Real-life or non-animated footage in a video production.

Live streaming

Broadcasting and transmitting live video footage over the internet in real-time.

Low resolution

A video or image with lower quality and fewer pixels, often resulting in a lower level of detail and clarity.

Lower thirds

Graphics or text that appear in the lower third of the screen, used to display information or titles.

Medium shot

A shot that frames a subject or object from the waist up, providing a closer view.

Moiré effect

An interference pattern or visual distortion that occurs when capturing certain fine patterns or textures on camera.

Motion graphics

Animated or moving visual elements used to enhance or communicate information in videos.

Organic interviews

Interviews conducted in a natural and unscripted manner, allowing the interviewees to speak freely.


A camera movement where the camera rotates horizontally from one side to another.


The phase of video production that occurs after filming, including editing, effects, sound mixing, and more.


The planning phase of video production, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, location scouting, and more.


The person or team responsible for overseeing the production of a video, managing logistics, budgets, schedules, and more.

Product video

A video that showcases and demonstrates the features and benefits of a specific product or service.

RAW footage

Uncompressed and high-quality video footage captured in a format that retains all the data from the camera’s sensor.


The process of generating and creating a final video output from raw footage or animations.

Room tone

The natural background sound of a room or location, used to enhance audio quality during post-production.

Rough cut

An early version or draft of a video, usually showing the basic structure and content to be refined later.

Royalty-free music

Music or soundtracks that can be used in video production without incurring additional royalties or licensing fees.


A written document that outlines the dialogue, actions, and scenes of a video or film.


A series of shots or scenes organized and edited together to create a coherent narrative or visual flow.

Shot list

A list or plan.